Holistic Services and Massage Therapy
Grayslake, Illinois

Wellness Abounds offers classic relaxation massage but takes time to research other complimentary therapies and holistic services. In conjunction with massage an Ion Cleanse or Ear Candling can do a lot to make you feel whole again.

Wellness Abounds has offered Massage for quite some time however offering yoga in a treatment room could get a little cramped. Catch up with Nancy for a yoga class all around Lake County. Check the Current Schedule and join us.

Therapeutic Massage

30 Min • $50 ~ 60 Min • $75 ~ 90 Min • $110
All massage sessions are a custom blend of massage techniques suited to your specific needs. The pressure used during your session will be adjusted to maximize the benefits of the massage while making it a relaxing and comfortable experience.

Hot Stone Massage

60 Min • $85 ~ 75 Min • $100 ~ 90 Min • $115
The weight and the heat of the stones combined with massage strokes provides a comforting and soothing massage experience that transport you away from any stress that you are experiencing in your life or your body.

Raindrop Therapy

Approximately 1 hour • $85
Therapeutic grade oils are applied to the spine and feet. Vita Flex techniques and feather stroking. The combination of the oils and application techniques has a synergistic effect on the body which is subtle yet impactful.

Ear Candling

Approximately 1 hour • Two Candles per Ear • $50
Since the times of the ancient Egyptians and earlier, ear candling has been used to alleviate many ailments ranging from earaches to heavy wax buildup. Some say it is the original cotton swab. Service is not yet FDA approved. However doctors in other parts of the world, including Germany, offer this service and swear by its effectiveness

Ion Cleanse®

30 Min • $35
Through personal and now independent research the Ion Cleanse® detox system is the most effective way to remove cellular debris and heavy metals from the body. After your massage session this waste removal system will leave you feeling light and with a balanced sense of well being. Try it and you to will be a believer in this subtle form of healing.

Ask about combining services and packages for discounted pricing!