More Than Massage

The Philosophy at Wellness Abounds is that the pursuit of wellness has a greater impact on health than trying to recover from illness or injury. Often the lifestyles that people are living do not support optimal health. It is only when we have lost our vitality that we look for ways to feel better. Services I provide support a healthy body, mind, and spirit. My services are designed to maintain health as well as recover when necessary. Recommendations for continued wellbeing are always offered for it is what you do in addition to the care you receive at Wellness Abounds that will allow you to feel well and enjoy life. I strive to offer the best massage Vernon Hills has to offer while including cutting edge modalities.

To keep the body in good health is a duty…otherwise we shall not be able to keep our mind strong and clear.
– Buddha

Search out the wisdom of nature, there is depth in all her doings.    - Martin Farqhuar Tupper
Search out the wisdom of nature, there is depth in all her doings. – Martin Farqhuar Tupper

What to expect from your visit

I have been providing massage therapy in Lake county Illinois for 25 years. I have found over my years practicing that understanding the clients goals for their massage care is the best tool for developing a safe and effective treatment plan. When you schedule a visit with me I will start by discussing your health history and what your expectations are. During the massage I will check in with you to make sure the pressure and techniques I am using are comfortable for you. After the massage I will review things you can do between visits to enhance and maintain the benefits of the massage treatment. My style of massage is a flowing combination of long strokes to lengthen and warm muscles with specific friction and trigger point work in areas of adhesions and restrictions. My goal is to make your massage session a welcome retreat from your daily life while providing the maximum therapeutic value to relieve any discomfort.

My History of Massage

My career path began in the late eighties after suffering from a cervical strain injury that occurred in a car accident. I was getting my associates degree at CLC and then planning on applying to the nursing program. My neck injury was not improving with traditional medical treatment which consisted of muscle relaxers and pain killers. I soon began treatment with Naprapath and began to improve. I began to take classes at the Chicago School of Naprapathy were I learn in depth about maintaining the natural balance of the human body. As a young student I accepted a job performing massage for a Chiropractor. It was then that I discovered my calling in life. To be a massage therapist. In 1990 I became a member of the American Massage Therapy Association. After working as an independent massage therapist for two years I opened a massage facility in Libertyville in 1992. I owned and operated Body Mind Dynamics until 2003 when I sold it to one of my employees. I enjoyed being relieved of the responsibilities of running busy Massage center and managing employees and returning to the personal satisfaction of working one on one with clients.

Choosing the right Massage Therapist

There is variety of factors that determine whether a massage therapist fits your needs. There are basic things such as hours and location and there are less definable things like personalities and life experience. I think the best place to begin your decision making process is by making sure the therapist you are considering is licensed. Illinois began licensing Massage therapist in 2004. By clicking on the button below you will be taken to the Illinois Department of Financial & Professional Regulation website where you can see if a Therapist is licensed and whether they have received any disciplinary action.

After determining that a therapist is properly qualified to practice, you should decide if their skill sets meet your needs. Often a brief phone call or email can help you to evaluate if their personality would be a fit for your own. Keep in mind even though Massage Therapist are often intuitive they are not mind readers. The clearer you can be about expressing your needs and giving honest feedback when working with a therapist the better they can provide you with a massage that will benefit you.

“Providing massage in Lake County is rewarding because of the diverse community”

Nancy Palomo Massage Therapist
Nancy Palomo ~ Massage Therapist

Therapist Certifications

•Hot stone Massage
•Myofascial Release
•Pregnancy Massage

Additional Training

•Manual Lymph Drainage

I have chosen to be happy because it is good for my health.  -Voltaire
I have chosen to be happy because it is good for my health. -Voltaire

Planning a Visit?

You can now download, print and pre-fill your health history form before your massage session. Click the button below and select the form for the service you would like to book.

Wellness Abounds offers classic relaxation massage but takes time to research other complimentary therapies and holistic services. In conjunction with massage an Ion Cleanse or Ear Candling can do a lot to make you feel whole again.
Therapeutic Massage

60 Min • $90 ~ 90 Min • $130
Package of 4 One Hour Massages $335.00
All massage sessions are a custom blend of massage techniques suited to your specific needs. The pressure used during your session will be adjusted to maximize the benefits of the massage while making it a relaxing and comfortable experience.
Essential Oils, hot stones, silicone cups, and additional products are used during treatments at no additional charge. They are included at the therapist discretion when appropriate for the benefit of the client.

Ion Cleanse®

30 Min Session • $45
Package of 3 Ion Cleanses® • $125.00
Through personal and now independent research the Ion Cleanse® detox system is the most effective way to remove cellular debris and heavy metals from the body. After your massage session this waste removal system will leave you feeling light and with a balanced sense of well being. Try it and you to will be a believer in this subtle form of healing.

1 Hour Massage and Ion Cleanse®

1 Hour Massage and Ion Cleanse® Approximately 90 Min • $110
1.5 Hour Massage and Ion Cleanse® Approximately 120 Min • $145
Combine the detox properties of an Ion Cleanse® treatment and a one hour massage.